Do your share for the planet and go for vegan ice cream near me and you!

Do your share for the planet and go for vegan ice cream near me and you!

Here is the inside scoop on the phenomenal rise of vegan ice cream. The 300 percent increase of the vegan population over the last ten years is not the only trigger.The “go vegan for health” movement and millennials below 30 years old with higher purchasing power, with a penchant for “cool and stylish” vegan ice cream are leading the way. Minus 30 has translated this trend into a healthy healthy way for indians to eat ice cram which is vegan ice creams near me and you.

Health enthusiasts advocate that vegan ice creams near me and you are higher in protein content and rich in omega oils, fibre and essential fatty acids. In short, nutritious. With Minus 30’s vegan ice cream, you can have a sweet tooth and be in the pink of health too! Vegan ice cream near me ad you are now available in convenient packaging for home consumption.

Creating the ideal vegan ice cream is often a challenge for food scientists. milk is an important ingredient in regular ice cream. Its makeup of protein, water, sugar and fat, play an important role in achieving flavour outcomes and silky smooth texture. What happens when you take away milk from ice cream? You have to rework the ice cream formula all over again. Food scitistists sum up the challenge for vegan ice cream – not to make a great vegan ice cream near me and you, but to make a great ice cream, that is vegan.

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