What's Better Than Ice-cream? Ice-cream Delivered Online

What's Better Than Ice-cream? Ice-cream Delivered Online

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Ice-cream, in this world, has always existed, in one form or another. Before the invention of deep freezers and walk-in cooling closets, there existed ice-cream machines. You must have some childhood memories of having ice-cream or flavoured ice in the hot and long summers. But nowadays, as our lives become more and more hectic by the day, a question arises, how do we get our favourite ice-cream without going out of our way or missing out on work? Ice-cream parlours rarely have a variety of flavours, and when it comes to the concept of ice-cream delivery online, it’s much worse! This not only makes it difficult for you to identify a place to order from, but it also brings up the question of cost and quality of both the product and the ice-cream delivery online service of the place.

But don’t get disheartened, we, at Minus 30, understand your problems and offer a solution for your needs with our ice-cream delivery online feature.

Your happiness is our No.1 priority. Here, once you choose our ice-cream delivery online, you can let go of the worry of quantity, quality and flavour. We offer you a wide range of flavours and even the key ingredients can be chosen - whether you prefer dairy ice-cream or vegan options, we have it all!! The best part about Minus 30? Our ice-cream delivery online system is efficient, easy-to-use and quick, so that you can enjoy your favourite ice cream with your favourite people.

Minus 30 is a premium ice cream brand that works very well with delivery/takeout. Our ice-cream has very high density (meaning it contains very little air) and therefore does not easily melt. This helps us in providing you, our dear customers, the best quality even after a 30-minute delivery trip.

So pick up your phones and order away, because Minus 30 is always ready to serve you fresh ice-cream, all day long.

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