Minus 30 - Delivering Goodness At Your Doorstep

Minus 30 - Delivering Goodness At Your Doorstep

When the global pandemic brought our physical world to a pause, we bore witness to the rise of online businesses and home deliveries. Though our life has gained some stability now and the world goes on, the online ordering habits have stuck through. The ice-cream delivery online at Minus 30 has been steadily increasing. Just Eat, an online food order and delivery brand revealed Britain’s eating habits during the initial lockdowns, reporting a noteworthy rise in dessert orders.

Global food trends for 2020’s prediction of desserts gaining popularity in restaurants and online platforms wasn’t far off either. Studies in other parts of the world confirm that it isn’t just Britain who is demanding more desserts delivered home. Ice-cream delivery online, in particular, is coveted all across the globe.

This sudden rise in demand for desserts was obviously addressed by restaurants. The food places that previously didn’t have ice-cream delivery online, have adopted the practice now. It’s good news for you obviously, because now, while ordering dinner after a long day, you can get sides, drinks and desserts all at the same place. Besides that, it’s effortlessly smooth, both the ice-cream and the ordering process. Who could’ve imagined that one can have chilled delicious goodness home-delivered without making any awkward phone calls!! (It is indeed a gift for our introverted customers to have the service of ice-cream delivery online)

The everrising cravings for ice-cream led to the birth of your favourite brand, Minus 30.

We deliver a wide range of ice-creams and gelatos to your doorstep, so that you can enjoy your delicious desserts without leaving the comfort of your home.

We offer you ice-cream delivery online, pre-packed deliciousness with no fuss of unboxing, no extra dishes to be washed, no preparations needed, everything you need to save your time and efforts. You simply take it out of the freezer and it is ready to be served!!

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