Vegan ice creams are the dessert for winter 2022!

Vegan ice creams are the dessert for winter 2022!

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What’s better than ice cream? Nothing, I know. But what can make ice cream just a little more enjoyable? How about a vegan ice cream near me with fruity flavors so you can feel less guilty about eating an entire pint of it?! Or how about a sugar-free vegan ice cream near me that only uses vegan ingredients?! If all that sounds good, then give Minus 30 a try. Minus 30 brings to you vegan ice cream near me in various flavors and quantities.

Vegan Ice cream is a universal favourite for kids and adults alike. Yet unlike in our childhood days, we hesitate indulging in the creamy goodness due to fears of weight gain or chronic illnesses. But health experts say even this 'unhealthy' food has its own set of benefits and one can occasionally enjoy it for mental health benefits and even a decent dose of protein, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids. The next time you deprive yourself of this frozen treat for too long, remind yourself of these amazing benefits.

Instant energy boost

During hot summer, vegan ice cream provides that instant boost of energy which we all need. Due to the presence of nut cream, vegan ice cream can give you instant energy, fats and carbohydrates. It is good especially for growing kids. Adults on the other hand can go for low-fat milk variants.

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