Vegan ice cream at Minus 30!

Vegan ice cream at Minus 30!

Whether you are getting over heartbreak, satiating your craving for sweets or simply looking for a dessert after food, we all may have different reasons to indulge in the guilty pleasure of eating ice-creams. What if we told you that eating this frozen dessert can actually be beneficial for you? Well, don’t be surprised because it is true! Minus brings this happiness to your doorstep. Now order ice cream online or with a mere phone call.

Here at Minus 30, we strive to find the perfect intersection of health and deliciousness with our ice-creams and vegan ice-cream tubs! Our range of vegan ice-cream tubs is an instant favourite among people of all ages—whether you’re young or old, craving the classic flavours of stick kulfi, delectable tart mango, or rich sinful chocolate, there’s a vegan ice-cream tub for everyone. Infused with rich, creamy dairy goodness and delightful flavours that are a hit with everyone, minus’s 30 vegan ice-cream tubs are the perfect blend of nutrition, taste, and frozen delight.

Now that you know the health benefits of ice-creams and vegan ice-cream, pick up a minus 30 vegan ice-cream tub in your favourite flavour today! Find our products online on the minus 30 website and place an order via a phone call. This summer, beat the sun’s scorching heat and enjoy #ChillVibesOnly with vegan ice-cream.

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