Vegan ice cream for the soul!

Vegan ice cream for the soul!

Because sometimes we need something a little healthier than ice cream. Enter: vegan ice cream , a healthy frozen dessert. This online-based shop blends sugar free vegan ice cream and sorbet with the flavors of your favorite drinks like coffee and green tea Matcha. Minus 30 offers a wide range of classic and seasonal varieties of vegan ice cream unlike other ice cream vendors in India , including Hot Chocolate and vegan ice cream sandwiches. Each pint is super creamy too — the vegan ice cream and sorbets are full of flavor and love. Those who want to get on the bandwagon of veganism should go to the minus 30 website right now and get their pint of vegan ice cream right now!

A daily habit to ensure you enjoy your vegan ice cream while still being healthy, and watch your waistline stay in shape while you satisfy your taste senses. Vegan ice cream range at minus 30 is insane

Like most other frozen desserts, this vegan ice cream does contain some sugar and is low in beneficial nutrients like fiber and protein. However, unlike many popular brands of regular ice cream, it's made from non-genetically modified organisms (non-GMO), nut-free, and made without any artificial sweeteners or flavors. While some might avoid vegan ice cream as it is usually considered low in beneficial nutrients, Minus 30 makes vegan ice cream an experience for the first vegan ice cream tasters. They use the best quality ingredients like almond milk, stevia, real flavors and the real magical addition which makes all the vegan ice cream more creamy and yummy is nut butter!

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