Order ice cream online from Minus 30 right now!

Order ice cream online from Minus 30 right now!

Order Ice cream online and have an evening which seems like the perfect treat to cool you down on a hot day. Or to perk you up when you’re feeling down. Or to just end your day on a high note. But is it something you can eat every day? Or should it just be savored as an occasional treat?

Enjoying a cup or order ice cream online from minus 30 may make your taste buds sing, but these facts about how the sweet treat affects the rest of your body may make you rethink a scoop-a-day habit.

Pro: It’s a source of vitamins and minerals.

Ice cream contains some important nutrients, like calcium, vitamin D and vitamin A, among others. But while these nutrients are all needed for good health, the amount in ice cream is small and is accompanied by a hefty dose of fat and added sugar. So your splurge will provide you with some nutritional benefit, but it shouldn’t be relied on for getting your daily dose of these key nutrients. You can now order ice cream online and get thse vitamins delivered to your home.

Con: You may experience a sugar crash.

If you eat a sensible portion of ice cream (1/2 cup), the carbohydrates and added sugars may cause a modest rise in blood sugar. But devouring a triple-scoop cone with extra toppings far exceeds the daily recommendation for added sugar (25 grams for women and 36 grams for men) and can send you on a blood sugar roller coaster ride. To avoid a crash, enjoy a small cup or cone and skip the sugary toppings. Order ice cream online now!

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