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This iconic brand has emerged as an ice cream business powerhouse to be reckoned with. minus 30 has grown its product line from its original line of flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla) to provide more than 50 variations. Mango, Caramel, Vanilla, and Matcha are some of the most popular Minus 30 flavors.

The Indian ice cream business has launched a revolution in recent years by keeping all of its components vegan. It also keeps the ice cream market interesting by releasing new flavors on a regular basis. The most modern and convenient twist in this brand is that you order these yummy ice cream online in the comfort of your bed. Let's dive right into my top recommendations while getting ice cream online.

French vanilla
Ice cream online from minus 30

One can never go wrong with the classics. The french vanilla as mentioned earlier is not only vegan but also creamy and rich in flavor. It brings back a lot of memories from childhood. Because of its mild taste it goes perfectly with any dessert like brownies, cake and pies. While ordering ice cream online for your parents one can never go wrong with french vanilla.

Mint chocolate chip
Order ice cream online from minus 30

This flavor is considered one of the most controversial of them all. Many might think this tastes like toothpaste with chocolate but i guess they haven't tried minus 30’s mint chocolate chip because it's healthier, richer and more flavorful and refreshing than anything ice cream online. It's made with almond milk and stevia and lots of rich dark chocolate chips.

Nimbu paani sorbet
Order nimbu paani sorbet while ordering ice cream online from minus 30

Other than ice creams minus 30 also offers a wide range of sorbets. Sorbets are very refreshing and light to have. They are the perfect summer treat everyone deserves. The nimbu paani sorbet reminds you of the bustling streets of your hometown in the comfort of your living room. While looking for ice cream online you're always stumbling upon new flavors and varieties and that's the best part.

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