Minus 30’s Ice-cream delivery online: Your saviour for the new year!

Minus 30’s Ice-cream delivery online: Your saviour for the new year!

Got a New Year’s party to host? Minus 30’s ice-cream delivery online is here to save the day! We do ice-cream delivery online so that you can celebrate with your friends and family carefree. Be it gelatos or ice-creams, company of close ones or a bulk order, we do ice-cream delivery online for all! Our wide range of menu includes orange and mango sorbets, delicious hot chocolates, vanilla toffee ice-cream sandwiches and much much more.

Our ice-cream is prepared in an exceptionally ethical manner, and we strictly adhere to all government regulations and rules. We believe in complete openness when it comes to our customers' well-being, which is why we list all of our ingredients on our goods. Our top priority is your satisfaction. When you pick our ice cream delivery online, you can forget worrying about quantity, quality, and flavour. We provide a broad variety of flavours, and the key ingredients can be chosen as well-whether you want dairy ice-cream or vegan alternatives, we have it all!

Give Minus 30 a chance to help you out at your new year’s party and we promise to make it your best one yet. You can try out our latest Intox collection for a hint of liquor in your ice-cream. Our Belgian Chocolate Cointreau contains the best quality Cointreau Liqueur which adds to its soft velvety texture. Minus 30 is a high-end ice cream brand that works well with ice-cream delivery online and takeaway. Our ice cream is incredibly dense (it contains very little air) and so does not melt easily. This enables us to provide you, our valued clients, with the highest quality even after a 30-minute delivery trip.

So grab your phones and place your orders, since Minus 30 is always ready to offer you delicious ice cream all day.

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