Looking for hand crafted gourmet ice cream? Look no more!

Minus 30 - Best Gelato Ice Cream | Sugar Free and Vegan

In the last couple of months, gelato ice cream has been one of the most popular cravings amongst all of us! As the pandemic has forced us to sit at home, and bring about a 180 degree change in our lives, we have all, at some point googled “ice cream near me”… So to make your lives easier, we have done some research on some of the best gelato ice cream brand in Delhi-NCR who deliver straight to your doorstep.

After conducting multiple trials from all the various gelato ice cream brands available across Delhi-NCR, we have finally narrowed it down – the winner is Minus 30 Gelato! Gelato italiano in its truest form, Minus 30 has an array of delicious flavours. There is something for everyone – whether you just want to indulge in a decadent scoop of gelato or you’re being healthy and want a guilt free scoop. A diabetic who is craving a sugar-free gelato – they have it all!

Their ethos of small batch production ensures quality and taste consistency. They source their ingredients from all across the world, ensuring that their customers get a burst of flavours with each tub of their gelato ice creams. Each recipe is hand crafted and carefully balanced to ensure that each bite is well balanced, full of flavour and a delight to the palette.

Traditionally gelato ice cream was always best enjoyed at ice cream parlours, however Minus 30 has broken this stereotypical barrier, by ensuring home-delivery of their tubs. Comes frozen at the temperature of Minus 30, perfectly packed in 500ml or 115ml tubs and can be enjoyed as a post lunch or dinner dessert or a mid-day snack.

So look no further to satisfy your gelato ice cream craving. Choose from over 40 flavours, to have home delivered to your doorstep on demand.

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