Get sugar free ice cream and beon cloud nine!

Get sugar free ice cream and beon cloud nine!

Before indulging in the amazing range of sugar free ice creams one must also kow the cons of sugar free ice creams. Consider whether sugar-free ice cream is healthy before attempting to order any for it. You'll be surprised to learn how much is concealed beneath the pack. Ice cream that doesn't include sugar doesn't mean you may indulge in this calorically loaded treat guilt-free. A product is not necessarily healthier just because it bears the label "sugar-free." Be sure to thoroughly read the nutritional label before consuming.

Calories in Sugar-Free Ice Cream

It could seem like a guilt-free luxury to eat sugar-free ice cream. But despite seeming nutritious, this ice cream is anything but. It isn't always calorie-free. It seems logical that sugar free ice cream has 25% fewer calories per scoop than ordinary ice cream. However, when individuals consume sugar-free food, they eat more than when they eat normal food. Consequently, 200 calories—more than the 130 calories in 1 scoop of ordinary vanilla ice cream—are consumed when two scoops of sugar-free ice cream are consumed.

Minus 30 understands these cons and tries to manufacture th ebest suga free ic creams for its consumers. They use vegan dairy free ingredients to make it even more consumer friendly. Minus 30 stands out as compared to other ice cream venders in india by including a wide of range of flavours at affordable prices even for the diabtic and lactose intolerance buyers.

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