Fast ice-cream delivery online Delhi for the fast Delhi life

Fast ice-cream delivery online Delhi for the fast Delhi life

Delhi, the national capital, the highlight of our country, the prodigal son; Its people, even more interesting than the city. Delhi’s trends are followed closely by the country, or dare I say, the world. To add to its long list of legacy, Minus 30 has brought in something new for you dilliwallas. We bring to you ice-cream delivery online Delhi. The easiest way to eat an ice-cream in Delhi is to order it through Minus 30’s ice-cream delivery online Delhi’s portal. We offer you a fast-paced ordering and delivery experience so that you can have your ice-cream delivery online Delhi as fast as possible, for we know a dilliwalla’s life is fast-paced and you don’t have any time for breaks. Minus 30’s ice-cream delivery online Delhi is quick and efficient and reaches you in no time.

Ice-creams have been loved in Delhi since ages, in different forms and probably since the time the city was just being built. If you’re a true dilliwalla you might reminisce about your childhood getaways at the India Gate and the softies and golas you would get at the monument. With Minus 30’s ice-cream delivery online Delhi, you have a chance to revisit all your childhood escapades with our wide range of flavours; Imagine all that goodness without even stepping out. Our premium ice-cream delivery online Delhi menu includes Dark Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Green Tea Matcha and much more. Head to our website to pick your flavour of the night and take a dive into the rich goodness of the best the city has to offer.

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