Buy ice cream online from minus 30: fresh and easy!

Buy ice cream online from minus 30: fresh and easy!

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Thinking about a quick post-meal dessert? A scoop of your favorite ice cream always does the trick. But wait, are you too lazy to get one after just finishing up your favorite meal?

Then don't worry, because now you can easily buy ice cream online with Minus Thirty.

Filled with natural and decadent ingredients, Minus 30 has a wide variety of ice-cream ranging from sugar-free and vegan options to sorbets and ice-cream sandwiches! So next time you don't have to think twice before buying ice cream online.

Accessibility AND Taste!

With Minus 30, you get both accessibility and taste! The ingredients that go into our extensive assortment of ice creams are the best of the best. With no preservatives and healthy options, Minus 30 also offers vegan and sugar-free options. And, with different quantities and tastes, you can buy ice cream online.

Doesn't matter if it is Bengaluru, Chennai, Dehradun, Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Kolkata, or Mumbai you get the comfort of same-day delivery for orders placed before 4:30 PM.

Next time you think about where to buy ice cream online from? Know that there is only one right answer -

Minus 30!

Reviews and Ratings!

The customers of Minus 30 are some of the happiest in the world. We value the reviews of our customers and even when they buy ice cream online we urge them to share their experience with us.

When you can buy ice cream online and get all of Minus 30's mouth watering flavors at your doorstep. Then what are you waiting for? With Minus Thirty, you can now buy ice cream online without much hassle! With Minus 30, you can’t go wrong! The next time you’re sitting at home with your loved ones and are craving ice cream. You can buy ice cream online from Minus 30 from the comfort of your home!

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