Buy ice-cream online from Minus 30

Buy ice-cream online from Minus 30

Greetings our dear ice-cream lover, today Minus 30 is here with a classic Cold Coffee recipe that'll keep you wanting more. A little history lesson on cold coffee tells us that the first iced coffee beverage was called Mazagran and it was invented by the French army in 1840.

Now circling back to Minus 30, our Espresso ice-cream is loved by all just as it is but there's more to it. We will use it in our recipe today and it will surely add a special element to your usual coffee beverage. You can use our website and buy ice-cream online to make your work easier.

So, let’s get into it!

For making the Special Minus 30 Cold Coffee, you'll need:

  1. A scoop of Minus 30 Espresso Ice-cream (Buy ice-cream online from Minus 30's website)
  2. A scoop of Minus 30 French Vanilla Ice-cream (Buy ice-cream online from Minus 30’s website)
  3. A cup of cold milk
  4. 2 teaspoons of coffee powder
  5. Some ice cubes and a blender

Now that you have the ingredients down, let’s move to our magical recipe.

Step 1: Add Minus 30 Espresso ice-cream and Minus 30 French Vanilla ice-cream to the blender. (Buy ice-cream online from Minus 30’s website)

Step 2: Add the milk and coffee powder.

Step 3: Add the ice cubes and blend for a minute.

Step 4: Pour into your favourite glasses and drizzle a bit of chocolate sauce if you like.

Minus 30’s user-friendly website makes it easy for anyone to buy ice-cream online. Our premium range of products like Gelato ice-creams, Ice-cream sandwiches, Hot Chocolate and Ice-creams will surely brighten your and your family's day.

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