Minus 30 enables you to order ice cream online

Minus 30 not only allows its clients to enjoy the pleasure of selecting ice cream in the comfort of their own home, but also offers a wide range of flavors and varieties of ice cream to pick from, including sorbets, vegan and sugar-free ice cream, and gelato. Despite the healthy label, the brand ensured that their goods remained interesting by offering tastes like chocolate peanut butter, mango, and hazelnut. Customers can order ice cream online in diary free form as well. This article will assist you to order ice cream online in a more efficient manner and will provide you with a list of measures to keep in mind when going to order ice cream online.

  • Make sure the brand is safe
  • Minus 30 has an easy system to order ice cream online

    With covid-19 just out of our life, it's not safe to order ice cream online or any food item online without making sure the brand serves and makes sure the food is safe to eat. Only order ice cream online from the outlets you know is safe to order. Cleanliness is the current priority. Minus 30 is an extremely transparent brand which makes sure that fresh ingredients are used and the preparation is done in a clean environment. Avoid ordering from any place that serves low-quality food or has made you sick before. The details of the preparation of the food are on the website of the ordering platform.

  • Wash Your Hands
  • Minus 30 has a danger system to order ice cream online

    Washing hands is necessary. Wash your hands after receiving the delivery. Once it has been sanitized and put into your home utensil you must wash your hands again. It is done to ensure maximum safety. Use a sanitizer which is at least 60% alcohol-based. Also avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose or any other body part after opening the package. Minus 30 enables you to order ice cream online and go for the touchless delivery possible to avoid the transmission of bacteria and diseases.

    • Opt No Contact delivery
    To order ice cream online contact minus 30!

    All of the food partners have created a service known as No Contact delivery. The delivery person will keep your food in a carry bag outside your door. The contact between the delivery person and the consumer is therefore minimized. Avoid paying with cash by using online payment alternatives. minus 30 provides you various options for making payments online, making the process to order ice cream online easier.

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