Can I place an order on call?
Yes you can. Call us or WhatsApp us on  +91 99583 68888 and we will take your order and deliver it ! 

How do I know my order is confirmed?
A confirmation email is shot out as soon as you place your order. That’s not all, we will keep updating you about your order and delivery date. It might look like spam, but we just want to keep you in the loop at all times. Now, If we have goofed up and you haven’t received an email from us, just give us a call on +91 99583 68888 or write an email to minus30@minus30.co and we will make it right!

Can I modify my order after placing it?
We can make this happen, but only if we can catch the team before the order is dispatched. So, quickly grab your phone/laptop and call us on +91 99583 68888 or write an email to minus30@minus30.co and we will get our team to hold the order and process the modification or cancellation. Hope to catch them in time. Fingers crossed!

Can I cancel my order after placing it?
Oh shoot, Sorry but we won’t be able to cancel the order once it has been placed. Hope you enjoy the order!



My payment did not go through. What should I do?
Uh oh! That is really frustrating and we also hate it when that happens. But don’t worry, you will automatically be redirected to the checkout page where you can try again. If it still doesn’t work, we are going to trouble you to reach out to us on +91 99583 68888 or write an email to minus30@minus30.co, and we will fix it for you.

How much time will it take for the refund to process?
The refund normally takes 4-7 days to reflect into your account. We wish we could make that happen earlier, but that is the cycle our payment partners run with. Rest assured, we will try and push our payment partners to get it done at the earliest. Wish us luck! :)

Do you have a Cash On Delivery option?
Yes we do. We prefer an online transfer / paytm, but are willing to accept cash if required. 



When will my order get delivered?
Orders placed before 4:30 pm are delivered on the same day. Now, if you have not received your Minus 30 goodies on the day, then clearly we have messed up. Drop us an email at minus30@minus30.co mentioning your Order Number, and give us a chance to rectify it. We will get it tracked and delivered on priority.

Is there any delivery fee applicable?
Delivery fee is included in the price 

Can I have my order delivered to me by the next day?
You can choose when you want your order delivered and even book it for a future delivery. Otherwise like we said orders placed before 4:30 pm are eligible for same day delivery. 

Can I change the address once the order is placed?
We can make this happen, but we need to catch your order before it leaves our premises for delivery. All you have to do is reach out to us on +91 99583 68888 or drop us a line at minus30@minus30.co mentioning your Order Number. We will try and catch it for you and modify the address.



Do you have a subscription model?
Not yet, but our best minds are working on it. Meanwhile, send an email to minus30@minus30.co mentioning your request and you’ll be among the first to be notified when we activate our subscription model.

Who do I get in touch with for bulk order queries? Can I get a discount?
Drop us an email at minus30@minus30.co with your requirement, and we will find a way to help you.

Who do I get in touch with for issues or complaints with the product/packaging?
We are really sorry if you’ve faced an issue related to the product/packaging. This is not something we are used to, and we take this very seriously. We would request you to share your exact concern by giving us a call on +91 99583 68888 or sending an email to minus30@minus30.co. We promise to fix it at the earliest.